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American First Ladies and their Presidents

1. Martha Dandridge Custis/George Washington
2. Abigail Smith/John Adams
3. Martha Randolph/Thomas Jefferson
4. Dorothy "Dolley" Payne Todd/James Madison
5. Elizabeth Kortright/James Monroe
6. Louisa Catherine Johnson/John Quincy Adams
7. Emily Donelson/Andrew Jackson
8. Angelica Van Buren/Martin Van Buren
9. Anna Tuthill Symmes/William Harrison
10. Letitia Christian/John Tyler
11. Julia Gardiner/John Tyler
12. Sarah Childress/James Polk
13. Margaret Smith/Zachary Taylor
14. Abigail Powers/Millard Fillmore
15. Jane Means Appleton/Franklin Pierce
16. Harriet Lane/James Buchanan
17. Mary Ann Todd/Abraham Lincoln
18. Eliza McCardle/Andrew Johnson
19. Julia Dent/Ulysses A. Grant
20. Lucy Ware Webb/Rutherford B. Hayes
21. Lucretia Rudolph/James A. Garfield
22. Mary McElroy/Chester A. Arthur
23. Frances Folsom/Grover Cleveland
24. Caroline Scott/Benjamin Harrison
25. Ida Saxton/William McKinley
26. Edith Kermit Carow/Theodore Roosevelt
27. Helen Herron/William Howard Taft
28. Ellen Louise Axson/Woodrow Wilson
29. Edith Bolling/Woodrow Wilson
30. Florence Kling/Warren G. Harding
31. Grace Goodhue/Calvin Coolidge
32. Lou Henry/Herbert Hoover
33. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt/Franklin D. Roosevelt
34. Elizabeth (Bess) Virginia Wallace/Harry S. Truman
35. Mamie Geneva Doud/Dwight D. Eisenhower
36. Jacqueline Lee Bouvier/John F. Kennedy
37. Claudia (Lady Bird) Alta Taylor/Lyndon B. Johnson
38. Thelma (Pat) Catherine Ryan/Richard M. Nixon
39. Elizabeth Anne (Betty) Bloomer/Gerald R. Ford
40. Rosalynn Smith/James Carter
41. Nancy Davis/Ronald Reagan
42. Barbara Pierce/George Herbert Walker Bush
43. Hillary Rodham/William J. Clinton
44. Laura Welch/George Walker Bush

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