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Kings and Queens of Scotland

Fergus Mor c.500-501
Domangart mac Fergus 501-507
Comgall mac Domangart 507-538
Gabhran mac Domangart 538-558
Conall mac Comgall 558-574
Aedan mac Gabhran 574-608
Eochaid Buide 608-629
Connad Cerr 629
Domnal Brecc the Freckled 629-642
Ferchar mac Connad 642-650
Dunchad mac Conaing 650-654
Conall Crandomna 650-660
Domangart mac Domnal 660-673
Maelduin mac Conall 673-688
Domnall Donn 688-695
Ferchar Fota 695-697
Eochaid Crook-Nose 697
Ainbcellach mac Ferchar 697-698
Fiannamail mac Conall 698-700
Selbach mac Ferchar 700-723
Dungal mac Selbach 723-726
Eochaid mac Eochaid 726-733
Alpin mac Eochaid 733
Muiredach mac Ainbcellach 733-736
Eogan mac Muiredach 736-739
Aed Find the White 739-778
Fergus mac Eochaid 778-781
Eochaid the Venemous 781
Constantine mac Fergus 781-820
Oengus mac Fergus 820-834
Drust mac Constantine 834-837
Eoganan mac Oengus 837-839
Alpin mac Eochaid 839-841
Kenneth I mac Alpin 841-859
Donald I 859-863
Constantine I 863-977
Aed Whitefoot 877-878
Eochaid 878-889
Giric 878-889
Donald II Dasachtach 889-900
Constantine II 900-943
Malcolm I 943-954
Indulf 954-962
Dubh 962-967
Culen 967-971
Kenneth II 971-995
Constantine III 995-997
Kenneth III 997-1005
Malcolm II 1005-1034
Duncan I the Gracious 1034-1040
Macbeth 1040-1057
Lulach the Simple 1057-1058
Malcolm III Canmore Bighead 1058-1093
Donald III Bane 1093-1094; 1094-1097
Duncan II 1094
Edmund 1094-1097
Edgar 1097-1107
Alexander I the Fierce 1107-1124
David I the Saint 1124-1153
Malcolm IV the Maiden 1153-1165
William I the Lion 1165-1214
Alexander II 1214-1249
Alexander III 1249-1286
Margaret the Maid of Norway 1286-1290
John de Baliol 1292-1296
Robert I the Bruce 1306-1329
David II 1329-1332; 1338-1371
Edward de Baliol 1332-1338
Robert II 1371-1390
Robert III 1390-1406
James I 1406-1437
James II 1437-1460
James III 1460-1488
James IV 1488-1513
James V 1513-1542
Mary Queen of Scots 1542-1567
James VI 1567-1625
Charles I 1625-1649
Charles II 1649-1685
James VII 1685-1689
Mary II 1689-1694
William II 1689-1702
Anne 1702-1707


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