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Monday to Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday
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Please note:

While our office may be closed, All Digital Products (JPGs and PDFs) will continue to be fulfilled 24 hours a day and in most cases available for download on the checkout page after credit card processing. Paypal orders are sent by email a few minutes after Paypal payment is received electronically. Wherever possible phone and messages will be returned the next business day.

Question About My Order

Can I make a change to an order?
  As we fill non-digital orders within one business day, please contact us immediately by email or by telephone to make changes to your order.
How do I track my order?
  Use the Customer Service link in the banner near the top of the page. Follow this link and click the "Track My Order" link. You will need to enter your email address and your chosen password (we can email you forgotten passwords), and you can see the status of your order.
How do I get my JPG/PDF?
  The Family Crest Image(jpg) file is sent to you via email as an attachment. PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader and are also sent to you via email as an attachment.

You can also log on to the Track Current Order page to download another copy of your JPG/PDF. (You will need to enter your password)
How long will it take for my order to ship?
  All orders are processed in our office within 1 business day. They are then send out by the customers' chosen shipping method. Regular shipping (air mail) usually takes around two weeks to most North American locations. We also offer 4-7 and 2-3 day rush shipping options.
Where is my order? It has not arrived yet.
  We generally find our shipping methods to be reliable and on time. However, things do occasionally get lost in transit. You can find out the status of your order by using the Customer Service link near the top of the page inside the banner. Click the 'Track My Order' link and enter your email address and your chosen password (we can email you forgotten passwords), and you can see the status of your order. If according to your order status and the length of your chosen shipping method, you feel that your order has been lost in transit, please call or email us about a replacement item.
How do I return an order?
  If your order has been received damaged, or needs replacement for any reason, please email or call us with the order number and the reason for replacement. Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase; we fully guaranted our products. If need to return an order, please send it back to us by regular mail with your order number, and we will credit you for the value of the products. We do not credit for shipping costs, unless we were in some way at fault.
I don't use a credit card. Can I still order from you?
  We also take checks and money orders. You can still place your order online, then print it our and send it in with your check or money. We will process your order after it arrives in the mail.

Question About Our Products

More information about the Coat of Arms / Family Crest Image (jpg) product.
  This product is the Coat of Arms once associated with your surname, sent to you as a high quality JPG computer image. The image is available at 150, 300 or 600 dpi. The file size varies depending on the image, but averages around 260Kb at 150 dpi.

This product is great for letterheads, genealogy title pages, school projects etc.
There is no shipping charge, and you receive your COA JPG as an email attachment within minutes after the payment has been processed.
Do you sell framed products?
  We offer framed coat of arms print, and framed anniversary scrolls (two coats of arms on one sheet). These frames are in a walnut finish with an acrylic front protecting the 8/12"x11" print. We also offer hand painted plaques imported from England. We do not offer any framed 11x17" products, as the available frames (made with glass) generally got damaged in shipping. We suggest that you consider a nice custom frame at a local frame supplier.
Do you guarantee your products?
  All products are sold with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Question About Surnames

I found my name in your search, but you have the wrong origin.
  Many names have more than one origin. If we do not list your origin, then we probably have not yet researched the name with your origin. You can email us and let us know if we have your name, but are missing your origin. We are continually adding to our research dbase so be sure to check again at a later time.
Why can't I view my coat of arms?
  Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with a copy of your Coat of Arms; the size of our data-base is such that even a small image of each coat of arms would take a huge amount of server space. A written description of the Arms is generally available upon using the name search. If you need a specific coat of arms other than the one described in our search, please contact us about pricing for 'custom' drawing of your arms.
I have seen a different coat of arms for my family name.
  There are often several different coats of arms for any given surname. Coats of arms were originally granted to individuals, who then passed them down through direct descent. We generally try to find the earliest coat of arms on record associated with a surname or one of its spelling variations, and then draw it on the computer according to heraldic standards.
Why have I seen a different coat of arms for this name?
  There can be many different Coats of Arms for a given name. We attempt to find the oldest one for a name or one of its spelling variations. We research Coats of Arms from the most recognized sources of documented. Often, however they do not list a date. If you would like us to try to locate a specific Coat of Arms that you already have, please contact customerservice@swyrich.com with a detailed description or image of the Arms and we will contact you if and when we find some results.
Why are there different spellings of my surname?
  Spelling has only become standardized in recent times. In Medieval Europe, most people were illiterate, and the scribes and church officials would write names based on the sound of the name, and their own spelling preferences. Thus a single name could have lots of different spellings; sometimes the same individual would have his or her name recorded several different ways over a lifetime.
Where do you get your information?
  We use recognized sources in researching the earliest origins, common spelling variations, early movement of the name, settlers to the new world, and notable bearers of the name, and include general history about the region and era from which the name first originated. We generally try to find the earliest coat of arms on record associated with a surname or one of its spelling variations, and then draw it on the computer according to heraldic standards.
Do you sell Genealogies?
  Our histories are not genealogies. Our histories are by nature rather general, as they are for everyone who ever bore a particular surname rather than a history of any one family line. Of course, the excerpt provided on the web-site is only a small part of our full history.

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